David E. Rodriguez

Hi! I am an Emmy Award winning, highly skilled, and experienced Software Engineer with a passion for Interactive (VR/AR/XR/3D), Mobile, and FullStack Web technologies. I’ve been programming for over 20 years and love to solve interesting problems in creative ways with code. I love to design software architectures and frameworks that allow engineers to scale / maintain their codebases as a team grows and I know when and how to apply unit/integration testing methodologies. I know the life-cycles of product development and love to create tools and products that artists and the public can enjoy and use to make their lives better. I am a quick learner and can quickly apply design and architectural patterns to new languages / platforms and I love to continuously expand my skillset. I am a dedicated and hard working individual with great communication skills and exceptional attention to detail. I also know how to lead teams to perform their best by encouraging and empowering everyone on the team and supporting each individual’s needs and skills.

Recently I’ve been developing Interactive VR/AR/XR/3D software primarily in Unity (C#) and some Unreal (C++), with prior experience using other frameworks / SDKs (Cocos2D-x (C++), Crytek engine (C++), OGRE3D (C++), OpenGL(C++)). I have also developed Mobile iOS and Android applications for mobile devices and tablets directly using Swift/Objective-C and Kotlin/Java, with a heavy preference for iOS development. For FullStack client/server web development, lately I have been focusing on NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB along with a few front-end frameworks (Angular, JQuery, ES6/HTML5/CSS, currently learning React) and have prior experience using LAMP stacks. I have deep experience with creating and using RESTful APIs, creating SDKs, and have setup and managed Heroku and AWS deployments. I also have prior experience in hardware / electronic design and building software and tools for robotics and motion control systems.

Outside of software development, I love to create and play music through Ableton and I love to sing / play guitar.

You can take a look at my resume / CV here.

For more info about me, you can check out this blog post: Hello World!

About This Site

My posts will primarily be a way for me to refocus my engineering skillsets and share the software, projects, and experiments I’m working on in my own time as well as many other thoughts / ideas. I will be writing about new technologies, programming SDKs / frameworks / techniques / patterns, tools, applications, and hardware that I’m diving further into or rediscovering. I will also take some time to write my thoughts on my career and life, how I handle with certain engineering / leadership challenges and what I value. Some time may also be spent on relevant news or other articles that intrigue me.

From a creative / artistic point of view, I will be writing about things that interest me in music theory, art, performance, my progress and Aha! moments with singing / screaming and guitar, any music projects I’m working on, and any art or creative interests that I’m thinking about, researching, or practicing from time to time.

I will try my best to categorize content so you read only what you mostly resonate with since everyone’s interests are different.

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Opinions on this site expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my current or previous employers.